Thursday, February 2, 2012

to DO or to DON'T: White Blazer Edition

White blazers, I must admit, kinda scare me.  I really don't sport blazers or anything menswear inspired.  I'm quite petite and blazers tend to look a bit off on me.  But these white jackets have me intrigued.  I think I heart it.  I think it's a to DO!!!

Anne Hathaway looks so funky and chic (don't even get me started on her sunnies!).  The Elvis rocker tee definitely makes this look fun.  Her tuxedo blazer is by Balmain.

And this gal looks rhetts for a day out in the city.   Loving the pops of purple.  Does she have a hang nail? I don't know.  This breezy blaze is from Forever 21. 

She's cute in a kind of messy way.  I think she smokes cigarettes and talks trash a lot. 

Very girly and well accessorized.  This is one of my faves.  The textured dress and the chunky jewels contrast nicely.  

I have everything in this outfit minus the blazin' blazer.  You could even swap out the black skinny pants for some dark denim and add some bright shoes for a little more punch.  She looks ready for a martini. 

YAY!  Love this to pieces.  Maybe it's partly my current obsession with neon, but this girl looks comfortable and different and totally herself.  H&M blazer

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"to DO or to DON'T" thanks heidi&emily!

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