Friday, August 29, 2008

Blazy Friday Blazy

Can you spot the cheap one?  I can.  I tried to make this game for you...mixing in an inexpensive blazer with all the lovely designer ones. Unfortunately, even on paper I can spot the knock-off. Hrrmphf.  Well, see if you can play.  One of these smart jackets is under $30.  Guess which one? Don't peek.  

DING DING DING---#7 is the impostor!!!! 

1. Sally Tseng $352
2. Agnes B. $1100
3. Alexander Wang $651
4. Balmain $2000
5. Stella McCartney $1575
6. Matthew Williamson $1100
7. Forever 21 $24.80
8. Paul & Joe $855

I adore the Sally Tseng deep v-neck style with the rouging at the sleeves. It has a beautiful shape.  And it's not ridiculously expensive.  Now that you know the prices, go back and take a long look at the jackets.  The Forever 21 piece just looks cheapo, huh?  The sheen is all wrong errr something. It probably feels itchy too.  I bet that Balmain tuxedo jacket feels all slinky and cold against your skin.  Raw & silky smooth.  You'd put your bestest red, lacy bra up underneath that bad boy.....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

If Champagne were an Outfit

There will not be a Champagne Thursday tonight.  Boo hoo hooooo!!  If I were the human form of champagne in all its decadence and glamour.....this is what I would look like.  Everything creamy, everything rich, gold and glittery.  Everything Louboutin encrusted with diamonds.  

Happy Thursday.  
Cheers to Bubbles.  

**kara ross pearl earrings, alex monroe heart locket, gucci horsebit topaz ring, christian louboutin diamond and gold heels, roberto cavalli gold pochette, chanel vintage gold cuff, bluenile pearls, fur shrug, stella mcCartney layered dress

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Bally Ostrich Pumps $950

Classic Muses

Rushing off to work, so not much time.  But how sexy do Jessica and Selma look?!!  Easy breezy elegance.    

Do they teach all the stars how to do that stance?  Selma has it down. Drop shoulder, bend knee, now--stare...checkedy check.   

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

musically inspired this morning--MGMT

all along the western front
people line up to receive
she got the current in her hand
just shock you like you won't believe
sun in the amazon
with the voltage running through her skin
standing there with nothing on
she gonna teach me how to swim

i said ooh girl
shock me like an electric eel
baby girl
turn me on with your electric feel

** tank, earrings by asos, stella mcCartney bra, miss selfridge satin & lace briefs, my prestigium neon clutch, katia lombardo lace-up boots, skirt by heavenly hostess, bunny-hug belt, necklace by patricia field

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hypothetically Speaking

If I had shopped today, which I didn't...I would have bought this red and black check dress by Fairground.  Then I would have pranced around my apartment in it (never happened), pairing the flirty little number with a vintage belt and my Dex boots.  Then maybe I would have hidden it in the back of my closet so my husband wouldn't see it.  That's what I would have done if I had shopped today, which I didn't.  

Basics Gone Crazy

Wow.  I stumbled upon this online store and am now OBSESSED with it!!!  Slow and Steady Wins the Race is a label dedicated to pushing and producing the most unique and interesting pieces...(here's the cool part) made from the simplest and most inexpensive fabrics and materials. 

Inexpensive + Interesting = Yippee!

They took the ordinary grocery and shopper bag shapes and turned them into leather carry-alls. Genius!  I likey the black leather Bodega Bag and those square black Sunnys for $100. Check out their website for a retailer near you

Of course, I managed to fall in love with one of the most expensive things in their collection...The Bodega Bag in brown alligator.  LOVE it!  Want to crumple it in my arms, rock it like a boo-boo.  

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cheap Chains

Chain Belt by Nine West. $48.00
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I feel a connection with this girl right now.  

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stick a Feather Somewhere

I know Urban Outfitters has been onto the feather hair combs and headbands for a season already, but they have finally grown on me.  

Complete the comparison:

Flower is to Summer as Feather is to.....
A. Bird
B. Heather
C. Beer
D. Autumn

The answer is Autumn, fool.  Find a feather headband or comb and perch it on your dome.  It'll be fun and spread joy everywhere you go.  

Oh Happy Day

Everybody's bubbly.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On Amanda's Mind

1.  Champagne Thursday...Yuppee!!! Huntley Hotel this week.  

2. What shoes to wear to Champagne Thursday.

3. Blue Satin Chanel Nail Polish.  

4. Gold Pyramid Stud Earrings by Fallon--I would wear these EVERYWHERE.  

5. Patricia Field makes an exact replica of the vintage studded belt SJP wears through-out the Sex and the City Movie.  It's currently unavailable online because so many gals have ordered it. Where is the original?  I must find it.  

Sweet and Dirty

These shoes make me smile.  I want some.  Only $48.  Studded Ballet Slippers.  

Available at Bona Drag....which by the way is a super cool website  

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Song Inspired Collage

Her friends are so jealous
You know how bad girls get
Sometimes it's not so easy
To be the teacher's pet
Temptation, frustration
So bad it makes him cry
Wet bus stop, he's waiting
His car is warm and dry. 
{The Police.  Don't Stand So Close to Me.}

Shorts by Diesel, Baum und Pferdgarten top, Burberry Jacket, Christian Lacroix feather bag, MAC nail polish and red lipstick, Tom Ford sunglasses, Forever 21 earrings, Ippolita gold bangles

w i s h l i s t

All the stores are filled to the brim and bursting with the new Fall-gear.  It's still too hot to purchase coats and sweaters, but I'm wondering what I'll be wearing in a few months when the weather cools down and I dust off my scarves and boots for the chilly beach nights.....

Comparte Striped wool Sweater
Skinny Cord Jean-TopShop
Paul&Joe Sister Swing Coat
Steve Madden Vulture Patent Booty
Dog-eared Karma Bracelet and Gold Circle Necklace
Suede Ankle Boots

All Cuteness!!!!!  Can't wait for Fall!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Erva for Ever

I was at Barney's today shopping for my show, and of course browsing the oh-so-unattainable labels.  Sometimes it is quite frustrating having to frequent these department stores with all the shiny expensive merchandise that no one can afford.  I touch and fondle a lot during my visits.  You know...look but don't buy, sometimes hug to chest/caress to cheek.  Anywho, I came upon a handbag line that I adored immediately.  EVRA, a line launched by two Spanish girls, Eva and Sara.  Their bags are incredible...with a vintage feel which I lurrrve!  I heart Vintage!!  Magical clutches, elegant, modern, chic and wearable on a daily basis.  They've been around since 2000, but I am a new fan.  All  the bags are made of soft buttery leather with very funky elements like pleats, flowers, chains, and cool hardware.  

Prices are high (go figure), but if you save up, you will have an eternal bag uniquely crafted in Spain.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Black and Gold-Inspired by Sam Sparro

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Half Bow Blouse $375
2. Burberry Studded T-Bar Sandals $695
3. Roberto Cavalli Gold Chain $1525
4. Jimmy Choo Eva Clutch $1170
5. Lela Rose Gold Paillette Tank $1295
6. Linda Farrow Luxe 24K Gold Rimmed Sunnys $525
7. Matthew Williamson Star Embroidered Dress $1700
8. Chloe Belt $470
9. Erickson Beamon Cluster Ring $235
10. Stuart Weitzman Major Boot $635
11. Vintage Chanel Chain Necklace $1250
12. Christian Lacroix Gold Drop Earrings $320
13. Superfine Black Skinnys $262

Whew!  What a tab I've run up in my imaginary shopping basket.  Grand Total: $10,457.00. Chump change I tell ya...chump change.  If I could pick any item, it would be the vintage Chanel necklace. Forever classic and forever black and gold.  Mmmmm.  Me likey.  

**Go listen to Sam Sparro's song "Black and Gold" immediately.  It fires me up.  

How Could I have been SO Stupid!!!

They are his jeans!  JT's!  The perfect jeans in the post below worn by the lovely Jessica are jeans from Mr. Timberlake's label, William Rast.  I mean, of course, she wears the blues he designs. She probably has a whole box of those suckers sitting beside her canopy bed.  She wears a new fresh pair everyday and tosses the old.  Grrrrrrrr. 
They can be mine for $189.00 which ain't bad in the world of designer denim these days. Anything under 2 hundo tickles my fancy.  

William Rast Ultra Skinny Dark Handsand Wash $189.00.  Available at Happy Shopping!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Is she Wearing!!!

I must find out what kind of jeans Jessica Biel is wearing.  They look like such a good fit.  Perfect wash.  Her top is quite adorable too.  Okay...I want her whole outfit...the bag, the shoes, the side-swooped bangs...JT....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

*sigh* $525 *sigh*

I yearn for these yummy, rugged, stompin' Joie biker boots.  Can't you smell the leathery goodness??  They would complete many an outfit.  I wear my boots to death-practically everyday in the fall, winter and spring.  These little puppies cost $525 which is not bad in comparison to the Miu Miu black lace-up boots I like which are double the lettuce (I learned that in a rap song--lettuce--it means money).  I need black boots though, I have like 4 pairs of brown already.....I'm a boot girl. 

Brown or Black? 

Plaid is Rad

I love everything about Lauren Conrad's outfit.  Unfortunately, her plaid Elizabeth & James button down costs $245.  Not to mention that bag and those heels....but plaid is everywhere right now for el cheapo.  So you can look just as cute as Miss Lala and not worry about your pennies!

My fave bargain are the New Look western shirts.  The longer red check tunic will be adorable with leggings and biker boots.  You can browse the website at    

All this plaid has made me hungry for some Alabama.  Yee haw!  Have a lovely day.  

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Dressing

Some inspiring looks...

Fall is near, but Summer heat has only just begun in southern California.  
Keep it Easy Breezy with a side of unique tote bag, puh-leez.  Mmkay, thanks.  

**Click on Pic for larger image.  

The Pope Knows

This pleases me in so many ways.  However, these zapatos rojos are really not about fashion, Pope Benedict XVI's ruby reds are seen as a statement of his desire to demonstrate continuity with the symbols and history of the church. Apparently, red loafers have been worn by Popes in the past dating back to Roman empire times.  Benedict also wears them as a reminder that he wore the red cloth as a cardinal.  
But they sure are bomb!!!  And shiny.  And quite a contrast with his crisp white robes.  


I'm back!!  Sorry for the 3 week absence, but I've been a busy cookie.  So check back today for more nonsense...
In the meantime, Rachel Bilson (a.k.a my secret girl crush....she's soooo annoyingly effortless) looks amazing in her one shoulder silky and gold wedge gladiators she wore last night to the Teen Choice Awards.  I wish I could see her clutch better.  It looks promising.