Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Erva for Ever

I was at Barney's today shopping for my show, and of course browsing the oh-so-unattainable labels.  Sometimes it is quite frustrating having to frequent these department stores with all the shiny expensive merchandise that no one can afford.  I touch and fondle a lot during my visits.  You know...look but don't buy, sometimes hug to chest/caress to cheek.  Anywho, I came upon a handbag line that I adored immediately.  EVRA, a line launched by two Spanish girls, Eva and Sara.  Their bags are incredible...with a vintage feel which I lurrrve!  I heart Vintage!!  Magical clutches, elegant, modern, chic and wearable on a daily basis.  They've been around since 2000, but I am a new fan.  All  the bags are made of soft buttery leather with very funky elements like pleats, flowers, chains, and cool hardware.  

Prices are high (go figure), but if you save up, you will have an eternal bag uniquely crafted in Spain.    


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Just Hayden said...

i love your blog. i visit daily. i get my daily california fix from you...