Monday, June 30, 2008

My Ray-Ban Dilemma

I was at Saks today (for WORK-not pleasure!) and I got distracted (as I often do in rich man's land).  The sunglass trees beckoned to me.  First, you must know, I am a sunglass-a-holic.  I want them all.  They are the first things I think of when I wake up and I dream of them in the night. Anywho, the Ray-ban Wayfarers.  Every jellybean color imaginable was right before my eyes.  I tried on roughly 50 pairs while the meanie sales clerk and his tiny dog eye-balled me. I've been struggling with the Wayfarer issue for months now.  I really like the way they look. And Rachel Bilson, whom I lurrrve, has like 8 different pairs. HOWEVER, everyone and their mama has them. So I researched tonight when I came home: 

*The Wayfarer style was launched by Ray-Ban in 1952.  
*Audrey Hepburn donned a pair of classic black frames in Breakfast at Tiffany's.   
*Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan, James Dean and Andy Warhol were also fans. 
*Tommy Cruise in Risky Business caused the sales to quadruple errrr something. 
*Because of the high sale prices on eBay, Ray-Ban decided to re-launch the Wayfarer last year in a gazillion different yummy colors (the teal blue ones are my faves!!!).  
Hrmfph.  This still does not solve my problem.  I want to wear them, but I want everyone else to stop wearing theirs.  Sucks.  

Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Amanda Attacks High School Musical Star"

Here's the plan:  I'm gonna kick Ashley Tisdale in the shins, steal those snappy boots and her big brown beautiful Prada bag.  Maybe that breezy tank if there's enough time.  

*pictures borrowed from justjared.

Erika Christensen

I don't even know if this chick has been in anything lately...I haven't seen her.  But these are some pix from recent fashion launches and parties, soirees and such.   I like her!  She's natural and casual and doesn't look like she tries too hard.  She looks comfortable, but at the same time stylie without being too trendy.  Golf clap for Erika.  
I can sort of see her neon yellow bra in that last shot.  It bugs me a little, but I'm willing to overlook it since her yellow clutch is so buttery and cute.  

**Click on the image to view it larger so you can get a good gander at that yellow brassiere.    

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mobile Bloggin' Test

Coming to you live via my new hot pink Blackberry!!!!!!
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Weekend Obsessions

It's Saturday.  My favorite Saturdays consist of Urth Caffe coffee, yoga or kickboxing, a trip to the newsstand for an armload of magazines and maybe a beach cruiser ride or a cocktail squeezed in there somewhere.  
After scouring my magazines, here are my top 3 obsessions of late.  
1.  LaROK flirty green skirt.  I need this, I think.  It will go with everything.  
2. The Like.  These chicks look rad.  I wish I was there on the grass with them.  I would laugh and try to be one of them...and then steal that watermelon suitcase. 
3. Mary Kate.  I've been obsessed with her for awhile.  Some say the twins dress like bag ladies, but I disagree.  It's like they have a never-ending game of dress-up going.  They have FUN.  As should we all.  I don't know who makes this gold glittery frock she is wearing, but it's so cute!!! And she has a super fun gold studded belt similar to Carrie Bradshaw's in the new Sex and the City movie.  Yay for Mary Kate!  

*BTW--if you click on the picture, you can view a larger version.  This goes for all the pics I post.  

Friday, June 27, 2008

Heart*Throb circa 1988...oh freakin' yeah

Guess which STUD your friend's will pick?  He's so dreamy.  You could fall in love at first site! But be careful...the Personality cards will reveal more juicy details about the guys.  Ultimately, are looks or personality more important???  Johnny wears dirty socks to bed.  Did you know that Brad still sleeps with his Teddy Bear?  And Jack!!  He eats bugs to gross out girls. Ewwwww. 
This is Heartthrob, ladies.  Cut-throat to the end.  All's fair in love and big glossy Man cards.  
I am currently the highest eBay bidder on this fantastic, original, hunkerific 1988 boardgame. It will be mine.  Oh yes.  And then we will play it on Champagne Thursday.  Yuppeeeeee!!!!!  

Get Your No-No Place off My Marc!!!!

Umm.  Kindly remove your Willy Wonka from the lavender $4, 800 ostrich Marc Jacobs bag. 

 5 minutes and 23 handi-wipes later.... 
**I found this pic in the July issue of Elle Magazine.  There is a whole 6 page spread of "naked man hiding behind handbag".  

Thursday, June 26, 2008

All The Pretty Dresses

I lurrrrve dresses.  But unfortunately, I cannot buy all the dresses I adore.  That doesn't mean I do not appreciate them.  Here are some I covet lately.  There's a lovely lady getting married in I am on the look-out for the most perf cocktail dress.  I will keep you informed on the final contenders.  Which is your fave??  There's something about the pink SEA poofer sleeve that I love to bits.  Oooooh or the yellow Phillip Lim with a big chunky distressed brown belt...mmmm.  Really, I heart them all.  


Today I'm bored and not sure when I start my real job.  I've already read my Daily Candy, my WhoWhatWear, Just Jared, GoFUGYourself and perused Craigslist.  What's left to do???  Shop online, of course.  I was recently put on a budget (husband rules), so being the thifty gal I am...check out what I found at NastyGal Vintage.  Total purchase amount: $200--thank you very much.  

What's In My Bag...

YSL sunglasses, wallet, gym schedule, blackberry, digital camera, ipod shuffle, 3 pens, 1 black sharpie, small purple notebook, 2 Labello chapsticks, 1 Tutti Dolci lipgloss, Dandelion Root, vitamins, and a mini pouch containing: tiny silver mirror with my intitals, eye drops, la mer eye cream, bobby pins, Laura Mercier red red lipstick and concealer.  What's in your bag? 

My Cherry Blog

Hi! This is my first baby baby blog.  This is a test....allo?? Hallo world wide web.  It's me...Amanda.  I think we are going to be great friends.