Friday, June 27, 2008

Heart*Throb circa 1988...oh freakin' yeah

Guess which STUD your friend's will pick?  He's so dreamy.  You could fall in love at first site! But be careful...the Personality cards will reveal more juicy details about the guys.  Ultimately, are looks or personality more important???  Johnny wears dirty socks to bed.  Did you know that Brad still sleeps with his Teddy Bear?  And Jack!!  He eats bugs to gross out girls. Ewwwww. 
This is Heartthrob, ladies.  Cut-throat to the end.  All's fair in love and big glossy Man cards.  
I am currently the highest eBay bidder on this fantastic, original, hunkerific 1988 boardgame. It will be mine.  Oh yes.  And then we will play it on Champagne Thursday.  Yuppeeeeee!!!!!  

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