Friday, August 29, 2008

Blazy Friday Blazy

Can you spot the cheap one?  I can.  I tried to make this game for you...mixing in an inexpensive blazer with all the lovely designer ones. Unfortunately, even on paper I can spot the knock-off. Hrrmphf.  Well, see if you can play.  One of these smart jackets is under $30.  Guess which one? Don't peek.  

DING DING DING---#7 is the impostor!!!! 

1. Sally Tseng $352
2. Agnes B. $1100
3. Alexander Wang $651
4. Balmain $2000
5. Stella McCartney $1575
6. Matthew Williamson $1100
7. Forever 21 $24.80
8. Paul & Joe $855

I adore the Sally Tseng deep v-neck style with the rouging at the sleeves. It has a beautiful shape.  And it's not ridiculously expensive.  Now that you know the prices, go back and take a long look at the jackets.  The Forever 21 piece just looks cheapo, huh?  The sheen is all wrong errr something. It probably feels itchy too.  I bet that Balmain tuxedo jacket feels all slinky and cold against your skin.  Raw & silky smooth.  You'd put your bestest red, lacy bra up underneath that bad boy.....

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