Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red versus Pink

Are you wearing red or pink panties today?  Or maybe a little bit of both?  Whatever you're wearing I hope you feel loved by someone, but most importantly I hope you love yourself and treat yourself to something fancy today.  You're a hot little dish and don't you forget it!  Here's to a romantical day full of smooches.  And then more smooches.  And then chocolate.

Red versus Pink

$225 - dana-maxx.com

Juicy Couture t shirt
$58 - juicycouture.com

Deborah Marquit lace bra
$195 - net-a-porter.com

Deborah Marquit sheer panty
$110 - net-a-porter.com

Rachel Comey high heels
$340 - solestruck.com

Marc Jacobs leather tote
$2,109 - mytheresa.com

Kate Spade gold handbag
$193 - couture.zappos.com

Kate Spade plastic bangle
$88 - bloomingdales.com

Juicy Couture leather jewelry
$48 - bloomingdales.com

Ray-Ban red sunglasses
$145 - extremesupply.com

Leather glove
$47 - asos.com

Hartlington Card
£2.50 - jackwills.com

Hartlington Card
£2.50 - jackwills.com

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