Friday, February 17, 2012

Perhaps a Peplum?

Peplums are back I hear.  From what I keep reading about Spring trends.  'What the hell is a peplum?' you say.  A peplum is a short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, shirt or dress.  (thanks wikipedia)  Huh. Neat.  I like this one.

And how freaking amazing is this YSL vintage peplum skirt??? Like whoa. I want to drink bubbly and pick flowers just looking at it.  

ModCloth's down with the peplum, too.

One more.  Alice + Olivia's precious purple peplum picked a party party!

Alright, ladies.  I'm peplum-ed out.  However, I think I'm sold on these ruffly little ditties.  They are the perfect marriage of sexy+structure+flirty. They're kiiiinda special.  

TIBI jacket
YSL skirt
ModCloth dress
Alice + Olivia skirt


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