Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Perfect Lipstick!!!

So I've been on a hunt for a new shade of lipstick for Fall.  I found it...Medieval by the Lipstick Queen!!  The Lipstick Queen has concocted the most perf blend of Vitamin E and red pigment to create the look of sensual, red cherry lips.  I read about it in last month's Nylon, ordered it online and it came today!  It doesn't feel or taste like lipstick which is a biggie for me---hate bad tasting lipstick.  Its like chapstick but way kissier.  

Available at Lipstick Queen


CCNYC212 said...

I sooo love this product too!
I bought a bunch for christmas gifts
since its only $20 and this way all my
girlfriends will get the same fab thing and not compare. The girl at the bendels counter gave
me the idea since it looks good on everyone.
now if I could only find the perfect mascara
I'd be all set.

KeriFashion said...

I love this product as well!!
I went to the opening Lipstick Queen had at Bendels, and Medieval is the product I've always wanted but could never find. It's sheer but not too sheer and it looks good on anyone that tries it
It's like the one size fits all of lipsticks