Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Lovely Lady Gams

My leggings from last year have about had it.  Hole-y crotch=Creeperiffic.  So, I did some hunting.  I've never bought a nice pair of leggings....hence the distress of every pair I currently own.  I think I will buy some basic cheap ones and maybe a fancy pair of either the David Lerner Tuxedo style or the ones with the flashy gold zips.  I don't know though--because I really heart the Contour Leggings(#12) because of that nifty quilted patch at the bottom.  Cheaper side, I'm really digging the Lauren Conrad and American Apparel basics because they look like they have a low waist on them.  Tough call, girlies, tough call.    (click pic to see bigger)

1. Pencey Leggings $136, Revolve Clothing
2. C&C California $55, Revolve Clothing
3. Modal Legging $24.50,
4. 6126 by Lindsay Lohan $123, Intuition
5. Lna Zip Legging $108, Lisa Kline
6. Nordstrom Over the Heel Tights $12, Nordstrom
7. Lauren Conrad Long Legging $57,
8. Acrylic Blend Cable Knit $38, American Apparel
9. Baby Thermal Legging $26, American Apparel
10. David Lerner Tuxedo Legging $79, Singer 22
11. Shiny Black $28, Rampage
12. Contour Leggings $265,

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