Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sergio VS. My Cash

It was a steamy, steamy day in Hollywood....at least it was for the Sergio Rossi store window.  I nostril-fogged it and left my grubby little paw prints smudged across the front display.  The Fall/Winter 09 collection is amazing!!!  So are the prices....ranging from $695 to $2000 a pair. Boo.   

Unless you have an endless supply of the cizzash, keep on walking, Missy.  Grit your teeth and walk right on down the street shuffling your Payless pretties all the live long way. Pop into Dolce Vita, Urban Outfitters or Steve Madden.  You will find an array of lovely choices ranging from $99 to $300.   

I know---they just don't feel as cushy and snappy as the Big Guys do, but get over it.  It's like a recession errrr something.  

PS.  I love Payless BTW.  I ain't knocking it.  

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